The pikachu in our team! With endless energy, boundless enthusiasm, always jumping topics and places, he’s just like our favorite Pokemon. Definitely on the upper end of the ADD spectrum, it’s exactly this disregard for long term plans and the notion that you need to go with what works and rapidly improve on it, that has helped our firm embrace the rapid prototyping methodology as the basis for our marketing campaigns. In order to deal with his monkey mind, he’s been embracing meditation for a couple of years and thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread. With a background as founder and Head of Online Marketing of the fastest growing business in Swiss commerce history, Flavio has a wide array of experiences he can draw on when it comes to making our clients more impactful.


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Beard or no beard, Gustavo likes to comb his processes. A man of habit, Gustavo keeps us on our feet and accountable. Metrics, tracking, automation, process manuals (or playbooks, as we lovingly call them). Our one stop operations department, Gustavo makes sure we can actually deliver what we set out to do. On time. Three girls and a wife are waiting for him at home, so he has no time to waste.

Originally hailing from Rio de Janeiro, this carioca means business. After co-founding and selling two companies, one of them for 400 million to Naspers Group, he moved to Silicon Valley. Addicted to startup fever since 1999, he’s helped exponentially growing organizations ever since find their target audiences.


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José Pedro "JP" Barcala

Tattoos, big arms. When you first meet JP, you’re wondering whether you just walked into a hardrock bar or what’s in store for you. And oh wow, he’s got 10 years and millions of dollars in ad spend on Google Adwords in his biceps’. Short and long tail campaigns, broad and narrow targeting, capping bids, UTM specific landing pages, he’s seen it all. Checking his metrics every morning with a cup of joe overlooking the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, it’s still a mystery for us how come he still shows up for work. Must be his girlfriend and daughters that he wants to take on a boat trip every now and then. Leading the marketing team for the fastest growing travel e-commerce property in Brazil, he’s until recently made sure that every Brazilian benefits from the cheapest offers. Now he’s making sure people also benefit from the ones that make our planet a better place for us all.




A healthcare entrepreneur from Austria, Samuel founded NoTube to help children with feeding tubes learn to eat after intensive care hospital stays. He is a very curious and intense person. When he wanted to make sure he understood his customers well, he had doctors insert a feeding tube so he could feed himself using only this for a week. 5 years, 20 employees and 500 children later, he’s learned that content marketing sucks if you don’t know your SEO, hyper specific targeting and landing pages work and team culture is the most important asset of any company.

Because he prefers dressing up with a rainbow colored tutu and party over working, he’s always on the lookout to replace himself in his current job, something he seems to be quite good at. To the point where we are not quite sure whether he’s still working with us.