As a human species, our shared set of values and beliefs guide how we interact with each other. It's what differentiates anarchy from democracy. Good from evil. In this spirit, we work everyday to live up to our core values that are listed here and that we will expand on over time.



We are honored by everyone who decides to dedicate their time and energy to working with us. We know that our colleagues could go work at many other places, but that they chose us. We appreciate that! We believe that long term success will come from treating teammates like clients in always looking out for their needs, focused on their growth, and keeping them challenged as well as nurtured. Joining us is not a walk in the park, but we strive to make this your best work experience ever! No doubt, working with Nossa Labs will be filled with fun, hard work, fruitful learning, and meaningful growth.



As Nossa Labs, we empower each colleague to make their own decisions. You don't need to ask for approval before doing things, we only ask that you get advice from some of your peers before making the decision.

We need healthy food, different environments, enough sleep, people and landscapes to live a full life and become the very best version of ourselves. At Nossa Labs, after a certain training period, you can work from wherever you want, take days or weeks off, and be empowered to decide whatever you think is best for the world. We trust you. We believe you will do better work for the world if you can decide when and how to work.



Whenever one of us has an idea for something, we formulate a hypothesis. We engage with every idea as a hypothesis. This keeps us humble and drives focus on first validating the hypothesis before getting too excited and applying it on a broad scale.



We ask a lot of questions. We trust that our clients and teammates are brilliant people and can come up with lots of great solutions. Sometimes all they need is a better question to unlock the wisdom contained within.



We strive to document best practices for most everything we do. It helps us deliver better work over time. We ask our colleagues do to not only use, but to improve them and create entirely new ones.



For those tasks that are more mechanical or repetitive (e.g. reporting), we try to develop automated systems so we can focus our time on intellectual tasks.



We care about results. The world needs us to care about results. While we are all human and have a tendency to be ego-driven, we emphasize consciously leaving that attitude at the door.



We all live life for the first time. We are all learning. 

In particular, we are working to gain a better understanding of the following questions:

  • Who is our ideal customer?

  • How should we charge our customer?

  • How do we optimize our management processes (and remove inefficiencies)?

  • How do we know that we are working on the highest ROI opportunities - where R stands for Return for the World?