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Hello Nossa Labs 👋

The word Nossa is Portuguese. It means two things: ours and wow.

We strongly believe that business should be about ours and us. Our goals, our long-term relationship, and how we build something good for all of us.

And it should also be wow. We go above and beyond to wow you and empower you to wow your current and future customers.

Labs stands for laboratory. Novel ideas and concepts. New techniques and technologies. Humility with not knowing. An open mind to trying until we find something that succeeds.

What do we do?

The list of gratitude for our talents and skills is long. But we happen to be really well suited to help spread wonderful ideas and products to people through the magic of online advertising and novel demand-generation initiatives. Breathe. We do much more than your typical agency.

Why partner with us?

We help startups grow from zero to one, quickly and confidently execute their GTM strategies, and validate assumptions. We design, validate, and execute your growth plan in less time and for less money than the alternatives, filling the gaps in your internal team and enabling you to get a top-notch Growth and Marketing team from the get-go. We will set up strong foundations, and we can capacitate your internal team to work more efficiently and even take over our job in the medium term!

Who is Nossa for?

All our clients have businesses we admire and missions we subscribe to. Their messages deserve to be spread. But spreading a message requires a skill set that doesn’t grow automatically. We help our clients, both B2C and B2B companies, to find their audience with compelling messaging online, so they can attract customers they deserve and customers that deserve them.

Our typical customer is an early-stage, venture-backed startup with ambitious growth targets. We will come in and quickly set a bespoke framework for rapid growth.


We will confidently say no to clients that are not aligned with our values. Besides pretty obvious categories such as weapons, these are some of the banned categories for us:

  • Political campaigns

  • Tobacco or alcohol companies

  • Anything fashion related that is not using sustainable and socially inclusive production methods

  • Gaming/gambling that is just here to suck money out of addicted players

  • Financial products that have questionable benefits to beneficiaries

  • Anything else that seems to disconnect humans from each other, or fuel vanity and jealousy

© 2016 - 2023 Nossa Labs, LLC

© 2016 - 2023 Nossa Labs, LLC

© 2016 - 2023 Nossa Labs, LLC