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Beard or no beard, Gustavo likes to comb his processes. A man of habit, Gustavo keeps us on our feet and accountable. Metrics, tracking, automation, process manuals (or playbooks, as we lovingly call them). Our one stop operations department, Gustavo makes sure we can actually deliver what we set out to do. On time. Three girls and a wife are waiting for him at home, so he has no time to waste.

Originally hailing from Rio de Janeiro, this carioca means business. After co-founding and selling two companies, one of them for 400 million to Naspers Group, he moved to Silicon Valley. Addicted to startup fever since 1999, he’s helped exponentially growing organizations ever since find their target audiences.



Global team

We work with a team of collaborators across the globe, from Germany, Romania, Brazil, and more. Rest assured, we will always have the best specialist to offer not just strategy but also operation support for your company's support.