Companies such as listed here, approached Nossa to organize and improve its marketing efforts. We are incredibly proud to work with all of them.



Rinse is the leading pickup and delivery service for laundry and dry-cleaning. They came to Nossa for help to optimize and expand all their paid acquisition channels. During our 10-month tenure, we expanded their reach drastically, while reducing the CAC (cost per client) by 55% on Facebook and Instagram Ads. On Google Ads and reduced their CAC by 26% while more than doubling the acquired clients. Also ran their Apple Search Ads, Taboola and AdRoll initiatives.



Descomplica assists thousands of Brazilian students to be prepared for the local SAT. The company raised more than $14M from top firms in Silicon Valley and has been growing aggressively since was founded in 2012.  We helped the company to improve its Facebook Ads results by restructuring tracking and tagging, reorganizing all campaigns and audiences. 



FarmLogs helps farmers get more yield from their fields applying the latest technology such as satellite imagery and agronomy research. Tens of thousands of row crop farmers across the USA use FarmLogs already today.  FarmLogs has raised over $15M from Sam Altman and others. As a highlight of our work, we helped them lower the AdWords cost per lead by more than 70% while increased the volume more than 5 times.



MEL Science enables children and their parents to experience scientific experiments right in the comfort of their home. After having been featured in NPR, Nature and Forbes, MEL turned to us to help them find interested customers and validate the product/market fit of their current offering.



By combining Minecraft, with hands-on building and tinkering, Piper inspires the inventors of tomorrow. The Piper Computer Kit allows anyone as young as 6 to assemble their own computer, learn about electronics and instill creative confidence for the rest of their lives. Piper is funded by 500 Startups and has raised more than $2M in VC. 



Compass levels the playing field for small and mid-sized online retailers who are competing with data-juggernaut Amazon. They provide them with key insights around their core KPIs such as customer lifetime value and cost of acquisition so they can increase their revenue profitably. The company raised more than $3M, funded by Steve Blank among others and hired us to manage its growth initiatives.